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Ultrasound Machine

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Jan 6, 2010

Portable Ultrasound Machine Signostics

Pioneering medical equipment supplier company "Signostics" announced their portable or handheld ultrasound machine palm-sized (PDA Size) as personal ultrasound device (the 'Signos') on October 9, 2009. The Signos is small ultrasound machine that gives the physicians accelerated means to visually assess patients' internal anatomy.

Portable ultrasound Signos uses MotionScape and SectorView technology to facilitate a wide range of high resolution clinical applications, including ultrasound guidance for needle placement, AAA exams, FAST exams, bladder volumes and more. This machine important for abdominal assessments such as bladder, abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, and trauma assessment; musculoskeletal; and basic obstetrics, such as pregnancy viability and fetal positioning.

The device delivers high-resolution images anywhere, with a touch-screen display, a start time of less than one second from sleep mode and stores up to 10,000 images. The portable ultrasound Signos is equivalent to the size of a smart phone, Weighing approximately a half pound with a sleek.

The Signos ultrasound machine features with volume measurements, customized patient data, voice note recording and multiple transducer frequencies. The Signostics palm-sized as handheld ultrasound product helps physicians deliver patient care quickly and affordably.

Signostics was established in Adelaide, Australia in 2005 and expanded into the U.S (in Silicon Valley, California) at 2008 as global sales and marketing headquarters. Right now, The Signostics company continues to grow rapidly, driven by solid investment, unique patented technology and a motivated team such as physicians, sonographers as well as biomedical, electronic and software engineers. The company has expanding their ultrasound machine product into India, South-East Asia and Europe.