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Ultrasound Machine

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May 2, 2008

Ultrasound Machine GE Voluson i

GE helathcare company as a big equipment medical supplier in the world has reeased their Portable Ultrasound Machine 4D for the impressive image quality in a a tiny package on may 2006. This is a small portable ultrasound machine with laptop-size. The Ultrasound machine GE Voluson i is a new clinically specialized ultrasound systems to address healthcare providers’ growing demand for sophisticated, real-time imaging at the point of care.

The GE Voluson i portable 4D ultrasound is very popular in the Middle East especially private hospital from Kuwait, Dubai and Emirate. Ultrasound GE Voluson i is one of GE’s Compact Series, even has CrossXBeam, SRI II (Speckle Reduction Imaging), and TUI (Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging). This equates it to a late-model Voluson 730.

As portable ultrasound machine, The GE Voluson i has features 4D Real-time volumetric images, Ergonomic (lightweight 4D transducer), 3D Surface rendering. It will perfect use in the hospital for OB, GYN, Urology, Vascular and small parts applications.

The GE Voluson i, by integrating Volume Ultrasound with the sophisticated image optimization tools, The user clearly see the smallest details from any plane with unprecedented clarity. It is much like a CT or MR image.

There are many opinion from the user who used this machine, they told that The GE Voluson i is Easy to use, good controls, excellent image quality, good color doppler, and nice designed in a small package.


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