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Ultrasound Machine

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Oct 6, 2007

Ultrasound Machine GE Logiq 9

Ultrasound machine GE Logiq 9 is an exclusive coded ultrasound technology uses advanced encoding and decoding with features algorithms and techniques to improve image quality and new applications for Vascular, Obstetrics or Gynecology examination and also use for general calculations packages. LOGIQ 9 incorporates innovative ergonomic features designed with the sonographer in mind.

GE Logiq 9 coming with Adjustable 17" flat-panel monitor, that also folds down for clear visibility during transport. The GE Logiq 9 3D/4D Ultrasound Systems marks a new dimension in obstetric imaging, By adding 4D image system its enable realtime techniques for acquiring, optimizing and navigating volumetric images so that you can make clinical decisions with unprecedented confidence.

The Logiq 9 is a full-service ultrasound system that can be used for breast imaging, interventional urology and general imaging. Ultrasound GE Logiq 9 also like others ultrasound machine can be used to research the following:
  • Determine fetal age, ectopic pregnancy and other abnormalities of pregnancy

  • Detect fetal abnormalities, structural problem with uterus, placenta abnormalities, abnormal bleeding and ovarian tumor/fibroids

  • Locate the placenta and Analyze fetal development

  • Evaluate multiple and/or high-risk pregnancies.

  • Others specification the Ultrasound Machine GE Logiq 9 are
  • CrossXBeam (real-time method that results in enhanced border definition, reduced acoustic artifact and improved contrast resolution) which provide you to see Live (side-by-side displays) by up to nine angles visualization

  • Built on a digital platform, So the Ultrasound GE Logiq 9 will give you optimal image quality for high-resolution 2D, volumetric 3D and real-time 4D imaging.


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