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Ultrasound Machine

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Jan 8, 2008

Multi Function Ultrasound (FFsonic UF-4100)

FFsonic UF-4100 is Ultrasound machine released by Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd with interesting features for the medical healthcare service. The FFsonic UF-4100 is a portable ultrasound that used for multi function examination such as Obstetrics, Abdominal, Cardiovascular, Small Parts and Veterinary. Ultrasound machine with Multi-Frequency Function enables selection of 3 frequencies in each Transducer.

This is a portable ultrasound with Built-in Large Track Ball, in order to help the user easy to use FFsonic UF-4100 machine. Using ultrasound machine FFsonic UF-4100, the medical team will get general calculation Package for OB, Distance, Area, Volume, and Cardiovascular.

Ultrasound machine FFsonic UF-4100 provided a High-End image Control Function as Zoom, Image Processing, and Variable Focal Zones. When the doctor doing his examination to the obstetrics Patient, OB Calculation shown on report page. The FFsonic UF-4100 using B, B/B, M, and B/M Mode display and Wide Band, High sensitivity New optional probes.

The other spesification of FFsonic UF-4100 are :


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