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Ultrasound Machine

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Oct 7, 2007

Cardiology Ultrasound - Philips iE33

Royal Philips Electronics in Amsterdam on 2005 released Philips iE33 as Cardiology Ultrasound, This is a new generation cardiac ultrasound equipment that uses high definition imaging to help physicians better diagnose heart disease and on-cart data analysis tools to help support treatment decisions and monitor treatment success.

The Philips iE33 is an intelligent cardiology ultrasound system provides advanced clinical imaging performance for quicker, more accurate diagnoses. The Philips iE33 cardiology ultrasound with features extraordinary levels of 2D image quality, powerful 2D and 3D measurement of cardiac function and anatomy (structure and size), Live 3D imaging of the beating heart, and user centered ergonomics.

Cardiology ultrasound Philips iE33 provided with the 3D power of xMATRIX technology and the exceptional image clarity of PureWave crystal technology combined into a fully-functioning TEE, its can help physicians to see the cardiac structure, pathology and function in Neonatal and Pediatric patients.

The Philips iE33 is an unique echo cardiography ultrasound system to accurately measure the wall motion in 17 different segments of the heart has been further enhanced with the addition of a 3D "synchronicity indices" (cardiac quantification software) that can help determine those patients who would best benefit from cardiac resynchronization therapy (the implantation of a pacemaker) and also for measurements such as left ventricle (LV) volume and ejection fraction, key indicators of heart health.


  • I am thinking of buying a Philips IE33 refurbished.
    Maybe from www.lbnmedical.com
    Any advice?

    By Anonymous Dr. Hans Köpke, At July 01, 2015  

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