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Ultrasound Machine

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Jun 13, 2009

Portable Ultrasound Machine SonoSite M-OB/GYN Office

Portable Ultrasound Machine SonoSite M-OB/GYN Office is one of Sonosite company's product that customized for use by obstetricians and gynecologists as hand-carried ultrasound machine.

Portable Ultrasound Machine SonoSite M-OB/GYN Office designed base on SonoSite's fourth generation M-Turbo platform. The SonoSite M-OB/GYN Office provided a simple controls to the user, crisp, clear image quality in standard PC formats, and just two specialized transducers help make quick work of fetal assessments, pelvic exams and uterine screenings.

The SonoSite M-OB/GYN Office ultrasound tool has two transducers - the C60x/5-2 MHz curved array transducer for abdominal scanning and the ICTx/8-5 MHz intracavitary curved array transducer for pelvic imaging. It allows the physician or medical team to bring high-quality imaging conveniently to your exam rooms for routine and maintenance procedures.

Others feature of Portable Ultrasound Machine SonoSite M-OB/GYN Office are A specialized software package includes Tissue Harmonic Imaging, color Doppler and advanced OB calculations.

Thomas J. Dugan, Senior Vice President, US Sales and Marketing told that the SonoSite M-OB/GYN Office is ultrasound machine with combines the high performance of cart-based systems with the small footprint, speed, flexibility and durability system.

The portable Ultrasound machine SonoSite M-OB/GYN Office was introduced in October 2007 at medical meetings and congresses, for this machine the sonosite company will give 5-year Landmark Warranty.

Bellow are the others features from SonoSite M-OB/GYN Office :
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty and our 24-hour loaner program for maximum uptime.
  • Crisp and clear, featuring SonoHD™ Imaging Technology - with 16x the processing power of our previous generation.
  • Tough as nails. Drop tested to withstand the real world.
  • Backlit keyboard is easier on the eyes.
  • Capture quality video clips up to 60 seconds long.
  • PC- and Mac-friendly for effortless data management with 2 high-speed USB 2.0 ports.
  • Smaller than most laptops, this lightweight champion weighs under 7 pounds.
  • Increased application flexibility with the optional Triple Transducer Connect.
  • Super fast, Capable of going from off to scanning within 15 seconds.
  • When the Portable Ultrasound Machine SonoSite M-OB/GYN Office always kept in open condition, the user will be easy to clean and sanitize them.


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