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Ultrasound Machine

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May 30, 2008

Portable Ultrasound Sonosite 180 Plus

Portable Ultrasound became a viable diagnostic tool with the introduction of the SonoSite 180 Plus, especilly for the United Nations Military (UNMIL) Hospital in Dili, East Timor. Portable Ultrasound Sonosite 180 Plus was used extensively for emergency and routine diagnostic scanning, training medical and other staff from many countries in the techniques of emergency scanning.

The Sonosite 180 Plus is portable ultrasound with features high resolution scanners equipped which provided interesting colour doppler facilities for quickly detecting blood flow in vessels, or for guiding the placement of a pulsed doppler sample volume. The Directional color power doppler is available on selected transducers.

The best features in the ultrasound Sonosite 180 Plus :
  1. High-quality ultrasound for comprehensive point-of-care imaging
  2. Compact and lightweight for unsurpassed portability – office, clinic, bedside exams
  3. 2D directional color (DCPD), color power Doppler and continuous wave Doppler
  4. Intuitive design allows the user to focus on the patient, not the technology
  5. All-digital image processing for consistent performance
  6. ECG and M-mode, plus measurement tools, analysis software and report packages
  7. Fast boot up – ready to scan in under 10 seconds
  8. A flexible solution for a wide range of diagnostic and interventional ultrasound applications

Portable Ultrasound Sonosite 180 Plus with his Tissue Harmonic Imaging is an advanced technology never before available in this price range. The Sonosite 180 Plus using a system processes echoes at the higher harmonic frequencies, It will resulting an images with reduced noise and clutter artifacts.

In the transducers system, The Sonosite 180 Plus offers a selection of comfortable, lightweight, broadband transducers. It's all will allow the user to perform a broad array of diagnostic studies and interventional procedures, including abdominal, vascular, breast, obstetrical, gynecological, pediatric/neonatal, cardiac, prostate, small parts, musculoskeletal and intraoperative.

If you buy new original packaging Ultrasound Sonosite 180 Plus, You will receive a one year warranty on the system and probes. The Portable Ultrasound Machine Sonosite 180 Plus is easy tu use, having exceptional image quality with advanced diagnostic capabilities, immediate answers and procedure guidance, all in an ultrasound system with superior durability.

May 2, 2008

Ultrasound Machine GE Voluson i

GE helathcare company as a big equipment medical supplier in the world has reeased their Portable Ultrasound Machine 4D for the impressive image quality in a a tiny package on may 2006. This is a small portable ultrasound machine with laptop-size. The Ultrasound machine GE Voluson i is a new clinically specialized ultrasound systems to address healthcare providers’ growing demand for sophisticated, real-time imaging at the point of care.

The GE Voluson i portable 4D ultrasound is very popular in the Middle East especially private hospital from Kuwait, Dubai and Emirate. Ultrasound GE Voluson i is one of GE’s Compact Series, even has CrossXBeam, SRI II (Speckle Reduction Imaging), and TUI (Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging). This equates it to a late-model Voluson 730.

As portable ultrasound machine, The GE Voluson i has features 4D Real-time volumetric images, Ergonomic (lightweight 4D transducer), 3D Surface rendering. It will perfect use in the hospital for OB, GYN, Urology, Vascular and small parts applications.

The GE Voluson i, by integrating Volume Ultrasound with the sophisticated image optimization tools, The user clearly see the smallest details from any plane with unprecedented clarity. It is much like a CT or MR image.

There are many opinion from the user who used this machine, they told that The GE Voluson i is Easy to use, good controls, excellent image quality, good color doppler, and nice designed in a small package.