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Ultrasound Machine

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May 1, 2009

Portable Ultrasound Machine DRAMIƃSKI ANIMALprofi L

Ultrasound machine DRAMINSKI ANIMALprofi L is design for complete and reliable diagnosis in reproduction for small and large animals. This is Portable veterinary ultrasound scanner for professionals, It supplies you with extreme flexibility provided by an option to work with various probes; rectal linear, abdominal convex and back fat measurement probe.

The Portable Ultrasound machine DRAMINSKI ANIMALprofi L is an ideal equipment designed to work in difficult conditions. The scanner can be used both in small (pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, cats) and large animals (such as Cow and Mares).

When you buy Ultrasound scanner DRAMINSKI ANIMALprofi L portable, It has provided with standard equipment bellow :
  • scanner body with linear probe (7.5 MHz)
  • 2 external batteries and 1 charger
  • set of cables and straps to carry scanner
  • transport case
  • gel for ultrasonography
  • operation manual

The Portable Ultrasound machine DRAMINSKI ANIMALprofi L features with some important specification :
  • display modes: B, BB, M
  • measurement of scanned object (size and area)
  • memory for 200 images
  • Cine-loop memory for 119 frames
  • 2x zoom
  • gain control
  • image freezing

DRAMINSKI ANIMALprofi L Ultrasound will give you the possibility of :
  1. Pregnancy detection in early stage
  2. Ovaries diagnostic
  3. Backfat measurement
  4. Cardiac frequency evaluation
  5. Tendons examination

The Portable Ultrasound machine DRAMINSKI ANIMALprofi L design with solid aluminium housing, So this ultrasound machine became resist climate inclemencies as water, dust, soil, sweat and shake. Ultrasound DRAMINSKI ANIMALprofi L give the user an excellent image resolution to get better picture.

DRAMINSKI ANIMALprofi L is a portable ultrasound machine which feature with Philips LCD TFT 6.4 inches, and wight only 2.5 kg.